tentacular thinking

natalia janula

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Liquefying, dissecting, obscuring and falling in love became, for me, a process to combine, imitate or simulate unsuited objects . I am curious about ‘behaviour; in wider spectrum in relation between inherent behaviours of the materials, seductive surfaces, physiognomy, obsessive ponder on manmade and ‘natural’. Fascination with dichotomy between the organic, synthetic and technology eventually express itself in rather conflicting, unsettling and humoristic but slightly dystopian relationships. Titles often enhance this very uncanny nature of the assemblages intertwined with slightly anxious choreography which is addressing ponder on ‘realness’, ‘functionality’, ‘flesh’ and     coexistence of “stuff’ around. 

 a romance of many dimensions

quorum sensing

if a chemical is both produced and sensed by a particular kind of bacterium, it can be used by those bacteria to asses how many individuals of the same kind are around.......the bacteria follow the rule the more vhemical you sense, the more you make


i find you, you survive what i do to you as i come to recognize you as not-me,
i use you; i forget you, but you remember me, i keep forgetting you
i loose you, i am sad