you're mulchy green, you're verdant matter  and modular oasis  have both emerged from a conversation which pondered on human/plant relations. Using intersectional feminism as an approach brought up questions of care, empathy, exchange and (non)hierarchical thinking - how, as embodied, organic beings do we navigate our ecological subjectivities and how do we express these - and what are our roles in the context of a shared, live performative installation.
The exchange method in both of these projects involved the passing of charged electrons across the mediums of skin, soil and leaf - creating a 'capacitive feedback', or 'self-resonating' loop - an emergent property created by the physicality of touch - and made audible via a process of transformation - from electrons to bits to soundwaves. The layered relations in each of these pieces was exemplified in the manner of speculative/reflective storytelling - an enabling method which attempted to relate/imagine the physiological experiences of each of the beings involved.