'what is your hemocyanin level' (2020) reflects  on relationship between humans and a creature which has been treated until very recently as a living natural resource - Limulus polyphemusthe. The film provides a speculative voice for our protaginist - the horseshoe crabs who amongst an affectionate conversation with their 'partner' also questions it's human captors who only want the precious blood that flows through their body.
'what is your hemocyanin level' floats between several different worlds. We drift from a watery algae covered landscape to a scientific documentary intertwined with interiors of a victorian glass house and hybrid computer generated creatures.
The film is accompanied by an improvised sound poem interspersed with flute phrases which are at once haunting and playful.

The crab is imagined as a dancer restrained - who longs only for the freedom and joy of movement in it's oceanic habitat, in which the crab'sunique physiology can truly shine.