Dysfunctional magpie

Plants and animals are turned into people or people matter, as it were. Aristotle also compared seeds to eggs and called plants "rooted animals". In all of those examples, the boundaries between the different kinds of being are not as distinct as we would expect them to be today. Before seeing ourselves as compatible as machines with different parts, that can be taken out when they're worn out and replaced, we still saw ourselves as compatible, but as far as transplant is concerned, we related ourselves and our bodies to plants. We had an agricultural understanding of the body.

There's a fundamental similarity and compatibility between beings that we haven't lost.

Transplant before Transplant, Hunterian Museum

My newest body of work dysfunctional magpie osscilates around the found,the corporeal, the dysfuntional and the precious. This constellations of works form a collection of speculative objects, sculptural and wearable that consists of parts salvaged from old, discarded electronics, latex imprints, body parts,cheap consumer household items, silicone and resin entities collided with embossing and vacuuming.